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Hold The State Fair of Texas Accountable - Forensic Audit

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For decades the State Fair of Texas has milked Dallas taxpayers, robbing our City of its treasure, the citizens of our park, and the Fair Park neighborhood of its vibrancy. While we, the citizens of Dallas, have footed the bill for:

  • $2.5 million yearly for Dallas Police Department security,
  • $11 million annually of Fair Park maintenance. and
  • almost $200 million in Bond funds for the ill-advised renovation of The Cotton Bowl stadium for three collegiate games a year.
Meanwhile, State Fair executives have lined their pockets with millions in salaries and perks with salaries of $708,000 in 2015, $$1.4 million in 2014 for the C.E.O.. Salaries far exceeding what typical non-profits CEO pay of $107,000 as of 2016.  

The State Fair of Texas has violated its contract with the City by failing to make good on the payment of its obligations, opting instead to enrich the few by defrauding the many. Meanwhile, ravaging the surrounding neighborhood with their predatory land grabs to create parking lots – resulting in some of the worst blight in our city – by utilizing excess revenue to purchase seventy acres of land thus by default displacing residents from the neighborhood. 

The State Fair of Texas has not fulfilled its commitment to operate the Midway 365 days a year, leaving Fair Park virtually empty during eight months of the year.

The State Fair of Texas has blocked the 2003 Fair Park Long Range Master Plan, robbing Dallas citizens of our great park instead wasting $30 million in taxpayer funds for the disastrous Summer Adventure.

The State Fair of Texas has not been a good tenant or neighbor to Fair Park making it impossible for other tenants to prosper and coexist by taking over the ground for four months a year. 

We the citizens of Dallas demand:

That the State Fair to be held accountable for its actions, to come clean about the past, pay what it owes and form a new partnership with the city of Dallas. Or leave.

A full forensic audit covering the years from 2003 to 2016. An independent third party forensic audit to determine the magnitude of money owed the City of Dallas. Come clean. Or leave.

Declare the State Fair of Texas in breach of their contract and require them to negotiate a new deal, one that is fair to the citizens of Dallas. Or leave.

Require payment of any and all amounts due the City of Dallas including the giving the City of Dallas the seventy acres acquired with moneys due the City of Dallas. . Or leave.

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