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Edgewater Mayor and Council Meeting - Monday, July 18th

League of Humane Voters, New Jersey

Jul 13, 2016 — Join us and be a voice for the geese!

Edgewater Mayor and Council Meeting
Be a voice for the geese!
Date: Monday, July 18th
Time: 7pm
Location: Edgewater Borough Hall,
55 River Road,
Edgewater, NJ 07020

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When going ahead with plans to cruelly gas Canada geese in June, Edgewater Borough officials claim that they tried habitat modification, the most effective way of deterring geese, and that it “didn’t work.”
The Borough cannot identify what was done, or where. APLNJ dispatched volunteer teams to scout and photograph each location where the Borough said geese were causing problems.
The photos show Edgewater municipal lands scheduled for lethal goose round ups and gassing to be mowed turf grass, bordered by pieces of cement, rip rap or piled rocks, sidewalks, and water. There is no evidence of any serious effort, or any effort at all, to modify landscapes.
These are textbook examples of how to attract, not discourage, Canada geese. We should be seeing the planting of long grasses and strategically placed native shrubs and wildflowers, and in some instances perhaps the installation of a few gates, fences, or deterrent wires.
The Borough should enforce the feeding ban; people are openly feeding the geese on sidewalks and docks. The food is strewn and left on the sidewalks.
Other photos show geese eating food on the sidewalk and at least one goose with “angel wing,” a deformity caused by poor, unnatural diet associated with human feeding.

About Geese and Solutions
Residential Canada Geese lost their biological need to migrate to Canada because in the early 20th century, they were captured for use as live decoys, their feathers clipped, and as a result, lured other birds to lakes, wetlands and rivers.
These captive geese were also bred in captivity. Canada geese always nest in the area where they were born so the main objective of any successful program to reduce geese in a particular area must prevent the geese from nesting.
Fortunately, there are many nonlethal ways to achieve long-term objectives.

1. Habitat modification is the number one solution.
2. Stop public feeding, which can result in the geese becoming dependent on unnatural food sources and cause permanent angel wing deformities, making the goose unable to fly.
3. Mechanical scare devices, flags, and noise are effective when combined with other methods.

Edgewater has contracted the USDA to employ nest and egg destruction, capture, gas, and kill the residential Canada geese. These methods have not solved Edgewater’s Canada Geese problem. The current contract should be broken and a comprehensive nonlethal program should be put into place immediately.

Thank you for your support.
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