Macomb Police Chief Barker Must Go/Investigate Macomb P​.​D.

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Mayor, City Council Maintains Silence

We attempted to take our concerns to the Macomb City Council. They "lost" the public comments our members submitted, refused to acknowledge those raising their hands, disabled the chat when our members began trying to ask questions, and silenced all our members. They missed out on hearing several NEW complaints against the police chief and several officers.

We have filed yet another complaint against Mayor Inman and the City Council for violations of the Open Meetings Act and possibly, the Civil Rights Act.

*We would like to thank the ACLU of Peoria and ACLU of Illinois for their invaluable assistance and support as we work through these complex challenges in our community.

We have so many Black community members ready to speak their truths that we will be holding several more Press Conferences via Zoom, and we are in the planning for a #BlackLivesMatter survivor speakout.

Our Latest Press Conference

Disrupted Justice - Our response to silencing tactics used by the Mayor to deny Black victims of police violence from being heard at the City Council meeting. [City is claiming tech incompetence at receiving emails]

A sample of some of the many other complaints currently under investigation by the Illinois Attorney General, some of which are available on our website:

Black man recounts in-home assault by MPD following their claims of "fits the general profile"

Black, pregnant WIU student's experiences with being arrested, assaulted by MPD

Witness account of viewing a Black male victim of a Hate Crime, subsequent excessive force, and justice denied to a local Black man following his assault in the Wal-Mart bathroom. 

Democratic Women of McDonough County
4 months ago