Denver City Council - Keep Pitbulls Out Of Denver

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Julie Wall
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Dear City Council,

On Monday evening 2/10/20, at the exact time that many of you initially voted to repeal the ban on pitbulls, a family in Los Angeles was being notified that their 5 year old son was murdered by a pitbull:

"He was a loving dog,” a relative said. “He was not a vicious dog, but how it snapped, we don’t understand.”

On Tuesday evening 2/11/20 a 25 yr old man lost his life to a pit bull attack in a Suburb of Chicago.

"I have been around the dog a few times and it never gave the indication it was vicious. We trusted it around our small kids," Samantha Costilla said. "My cousins and I, we all have kids under five and the dog would play and the kids would play around him. We never thought it was a vicious animal that we had to protect our family from."

We believe that a similar deadly attack will happen in Denver as a direct result of the passage of this law.

On Wednesday 2/12/20 we asked you to commit to us in writing that this would not be the case, and still you have not.

Denver City Council, the Mayor has heard the people and we urge you to as well.  20-0071 is not a good law for many reasons including:

1) It is a matter of public safety.  Unfortunately, 80% of Denverites are not following existing pet registration laws and many fully disregard leash laws. There is zero evidence to conclude that any of the regulations included in this law will be followed to any meaningful level. 

2) Proponents of this bill say that it will lead to an increase in safety, but they don't provide any details on how this will make us safer.  Since the ban was implemented 30+ years ago there have been zero deaths from pitbull attacks.  What level of safety do you imagine we will achieve that is better than that? 

3) It disproportionately impacts marginalized people in poorer communities.  Today, the majority of complaints about pitbulls comes from Denver's poorest neighborhoods.

City Council, if you would like to pursue this topic, we urge you to follow the Mayor's lead and come up with a strategy to focus resources on improving responsible pet ownership, dog licensure rates and leash law compliance. 

In the meantime, please return to serving the people and solving the most important issues facing our people today.

Thank you for your consideration,

- The People of Denver