Revert The Rino District back to its historical name The "Five Points."

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Five Points Denver Petition

In an effort to reclaim our spaces, our communities, and our history I have made it my duty to work to regain the essence of Denver Colorado’s historically black neighborhood — The 5 Points.

In the rise of a tense political climate, we have seen nationwide news of protests, neighborhood renaming, and statue removal in an effort to advance the diversity and inclusion of the world as well as minimize the glorification of racist history.

While many of the neighborhoods and parks in Colorado have been renamed because of their racist and oppressive natures, the community and I believe that it is just as oppressive to rename a historically black neighborhood ANYTHING other than that. In order to bring full awareness and change to this, I am hoping the community, the neighborhood task-force, and the city council and government will stand behind this action. It is enough that the neighborhood has been gentrified beyond belief, but further, the name change to “RiNo District” is simply unacceptable in an effort to erase our history and culture.

Let’s help hold on to our history, Denver’s history, and BLACK history.