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Petitioning St. Ann City Hall Mayor Michael G. Corcoran

Allow the residents of St. Ann, MO to raise chickens on their property.

Besides providing a valuable food source for your family (fresh eggs), chickens can be very beneficial.  Chickens can help to control bugs in the backyard since they do eat  them as part of their diet.  They also provide fertilizer for your yard and garden.  Chickens can be great for families with kids.  Chickens can help teach children responsibility, and how the care they provide impacts the chickens directly.

Cities around St. Ann, MO are thriving economically and socially; these cities are beginning to allow their residents to raise chickens.  Why not push St. Ann to be more self reliant and sustainable.  

"In fact, in Belgium, one city is actually giving three laying hens to 2,000 homes in an effort to reduce landfill costs. City officials expect to recover a significant portion of the $600,000 a year the city spends on dealing with this type of household "trash." According to Foreman, a single chicken can biorecycle about seven pounds of food residuals in a month. If just 2,000 households raise three hens, it could divert 252 tons of waste from landfills annually." - Leah Zerbe,  

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