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It is Hard to Sue a Doctor, or a Mayor you Like.

Citizens for the Future of Ft. Negley Park

Nov 18, 2017 — Friends,

My husband was an army doctor, and served our country for 21 years. As we moved across the country and around the world in support of his service, I came to know many doctors. With many doctors, come many doctor jokes.

But one thing that isn't a joke? Lawsuits for malpractice. When a doctor makes a serious medical error - hurting her patient - she is, rightly, sued.

But guess what? If you like your doctor, if you think she is your friend, you are LESS likely to sue her. Studies in leading medical journals cite this as the single most predictive factor in whether or not you will be sued.

People like Mayor Barry. She is a charismatic woman. Young girls, and those who love them, are proud of her role as the first female mayor. All of Nashville cheered alongside her through the Predators remarkable season. All parents mourned with her at the tragic loss of her son.

And this is the crux of the challenge - she is liked. As we share the story of what is happening at Ft. Negley the first question always is, "Wait, Mayor Barry is supporting this?"

Because we like her. We can't believe that she is supporting giving away our historic protected-parkland to private developers for 300 apartments (only 80 of which are "affordable".)

Knowing she is so liked, it is remarkable the number of lawsuits that have been filed against her administration over this issue. I've spoken to some of the people involved - one told me he'd been carrying the weight of this decision for months - because he likes her.

In the face of 3 PR firms making it sound like the land already belongs (via 99 year lease) to NYC-Hedge Funder Tom Middleton, Hollywood-producer who moved in 2014 to collect Tn-tax $$ T-Bone Burnett, & developer who raised $300K for Mayor Barry's election Bert Matthews - the reality is, it is STILL OUR PUBLIC LAND, and this is not over.

Here are some current lawsuits & ethics complaints pending:

1. Lawsuit over process, this historic parkland was never declared "surplus property" -without such designation, the Mayor could not invoke the secret process involved - that process can only be used for land first legally declared "surplus property" - City Councilman Glover, Civil Rights Leader Kwame Lillard & others, first reported in Tn Tribune:

2. Ethics Complaint Against Barry & Sledge, first reported in Tennessean:

3. State Historic Commission has referred the declaratory order to an Administrative Law Judge - Issue is the city never received permission to develop this historic, protected, parkland -first reported in US News:

As citizens, we may really like our mayor. This isn't about liking or not liking her. It is about asking the question of what kind of city we want to be. Do we want to be a city that honors the promises of decades of elected and appointed leaders made to neighbors? Do we want to be a city who holds our leaders accountable when they try to circumvent processes to protect our voices as citizens?

I think we do.

I think its ok to speak up if you see that your leaders are trying to live outside of the law.

Please share if you agree - we are adding hundreds of new names each week, but we need more. You forwarding this to a friend might be the signature that our leaders finally listen to. In this fight, truly, every voice matters.

I'm thankful for you.

Alice Ganier Rolli
District 17 Resident

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