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In the town of Ucluelet BC, fireworks are set off on the streets, in back yards, at the beach and other public places causing injury to people and animals while also damaging property and the environment.

Changing the current Ucluelet bylaw to requiring a permit during Halloween would greatly reduce the risk of harm by eliminating unsafe venues as the permit requires the approval of the intended site by the bylaws officer. Unsafe venues include unsuitable backyards and public areas.

There is a need to protect and speak for those who can't speak for themselves. In our small town dozens, if not hundreds, of our family pets are traumatized from the decibel level that fireworks inflict on their central nervous systems which have the hearing capability of at least four times greater than humans. 

As a direct result of these inescapable repeated events, many, examples of trauma and damage can be found in your own neighbourhood, on the news and on the internet. Hundreds of our local wildlife also suffer documented injury and death from fireworks. I know a working service dog and other family pets who experience the following:

Post Traumatic Stress Injury with debilitating symptoms lasting weeks beyond the actual firework events including uncontrollable convulsion-type shaking that begins at the same time of day that the fireworks were previously set off; a constant heightened acoustic startle response accompanied by extreme anxiety both during and for weeks after the event; medical conditions that are exacerbated and possibly caused by the above chronic stress which is accumulative and compounded with each subsequent event becoming increasingly worse over time manifesting in mild to severe behavioural problems and loss of appetite. 

Let's help end the unnecessary injury, suffering, and death and reduce the damage to property and the environment that fireworks cause. Let's begin with this simple and logical change to the current bylaw to require a permit during Hallowe'en to ensure that only appropriate venues are approved with a vision to eliminate this dangerous and harmful activity like Vancouver has recently accomplished. 

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