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Woodbridge Warriors want the City of Vaughan to amend their CSO status to include baseball

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The Woodbridge Softball Association began offering the residents of Vaughan a place for kids to play Softball since 1958.  

Each year, more and more families are upset and disappointed that their children cannot continue playing a sport in the same league they started when they were four years old.  This challenge has been brought to the WSA and it is our passion to make this happen!

As the children of our league get older, we lose 40 - 50 of them to baseball programs as they get older and want to play baseball like they see on TV.

Despite being the only association in Vaughan recognized by Little League Canada, our endeavors to add baseball to our program have met countless roadblocks via the City of Vaughan's CSO policy which states:

"Groups applying for CSO status intending to offer a similar or duplicate service to an existing one will not be approved if the existing group is not in agreement and can meet the overall demand for the service."

Meaning that the City of Vaughan will not award us a Baseball program without first getting permission from another not-for-profit organization, our competition.  

We did ask the mentioned organization, and they said 'No'.

What we are asking is for the City of Vaughan to amend its policy and allow the second oldest sports organization in the city the right to offer its residence an alternative when deciding on where their children want to play baseball.

Instead, the City of Vaughan can only recite its existing policy which defers the decision to another private organization, our competition nonetheless, and what competitor would ever say 'Yes' when given so much power?

Children deserve options and we need to give the city the opportunity to own its decisions, services, parks, permits, and how it handles tax payers dollars.  Not let them defer these choices to someone else.  

Help us make this change for the better!  We have a passion and a need to provide to countless families in and around Vaughan.  Let our children be given an alternative option when deciding on where they want to play a sport.  This is for the kids after all!

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