Please Allow Coyotes To Live In Their Own Natural Habitat

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Relocating the sizeable Coyote Population in the City of Thornhill will allow the residents to feel safe while walking and doing other recreational activities,their pets will be able to walk while their owners will not be stressed and scared. When a coyote comes up behind you, that is very scary.   People will be able to sleep better at night, because they won't be woken up by the coyote howls.  Because the coyote can run super fast, hazing and other techniques are not sufficient reasons to keep them here, where they are not in their natural habitat.    Relocating the coyotes will allow them to live in the wild, far away from Thornhill, where they will be able to search for food naturally and they will be free to do as they wish. Many residents feel that the  coyotes have lost their natural fear of humans and have become too bold. As residents we have the right to feel safe from aggressive coyotes and should not have to fear encountering an angry coyote. Aggressive coyotes can pose a threat to pets and humans. Thornhill is home to many schools and families with children and pets. To have wild coyotes in proximity to school children playing, so that recess has to be cancelled, the coyotes have been seen walking the streets,and are no longer afraid of humans.  As residents who pay taxes, we elect officials that we hope will ensure a safe and secure community. We kindly request and we call upon you, our elected Officials from the City of Vaughan and of the Province of Ontario, Mayor Maurizio Bevilacqua, Chairman Wayne Emmerson, MPP  Gila Martow, Councillor Alan Shefman, Councillor Mario Ferri,  Becky Battat,Special Assistant to MPP Gila Martow, Councillor Gino Rosati, and Councillor Linda Jackson  to find a successful solution to this ongoing concern so that the residents of Thornhill and Vaughan will once again, be able to enjoy our communities without the fear of running into any coyote, large or small.