STOP 125 Warren Street Roxbury, MA

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The Tommy's Rock Neighborhood Association (TRNA) stands in opposition to a proposed development at 125 Warren Street on the corner of Warren, Regent, and St. James Streets, next to the Boys and Girls Club. The overdevelopment of Roxbury is destroying the history and integrity of this diverse African-American community. We seek your support in stopping this destructive project. Please sign and leave a comment to go to the mayor and other decision makers.

125 Warren Street (which is directly across from a similarly tall and dense proposed development at 124 Warren Street) towers over existing homes - many historic homes. It also brings excessive density to the neighborhood, with the density at 2.9, 50% over the zoning limit. 125 Warren will create problems with parking, safety, and traffic. No infrastructure improvements are included in the plans for this development. This monolithic project is priced so that less that 16% of Roxbury residents can afford these units.

This project does not provide housing for existing residents and will cause gentrification and displacement in Tommy's Rock and Roxbury. 125 Warren Street is part of a pattern of gentrification and overdevelopment in historic Roxbury. There are two related projects right opposite each other on Warren Street that exemplify the overdevelopment and gentrification occurring in our neighborhood:

  • 124 Warren Street, next to the historic Warren House in the Historic Moreland Street neighborhood, and
  • 125 Warren Street in the Tommy's Rock neighborhood.

Both of these projects will require zoning variances and approvals. The Tommy's Rock Neighborhood Association asks you to join them in making known your opposition to 125 Warren Street and to the gentrification of Roxbury and the displacement of Roxbury residents.