Please help Chuy, the mini pig, stay with his family in Westlake Village, CA.

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Chuy is my miniature potbelly pig, he is my pet and he has lived with us for 7 months. He is very smart, house broken, does tricks, and he loves people and all kinds of animals. He has been vaccianted. Chuy is only 15 " tall and he is very clean. He enjoys walks and belly rubs, and he brings a smile to everybody that looks at him. He is all over the internet with the hashtag #chuytheminipig. He has a companion named Pugsey the pug #pugseythepug, a rescue dog,  who he loves very much; they sleep together and enjoy eachothers company. Chuy is a registered  ESA ( emotional support animall). I have been working with Chuy since I got him  and It would be devastated not to have him by my side. Signing this petition would help with his case and showing how smart and misunderstood this amazing pets are. God bless you all and thanks for your time and consideration.

Truly yours,

Marcela Iglesias, ( Chuy's mom ) and CHUY ( oink oink).

(818) 205-3136 my mobil number.

This is what the law says,

The Spirit of the Law, and the date of the law should be some of the most important information you have to win your case. If the law they are using is a livestock law. It was made for feeder, and breeder pigs, and if it was passed before 1985 it was passed before the potbellied pig was ever in this country. In almost all cases there is absolutely NO law on the books either for, or against having a Potbellied Pig as a pet. Therefore if the municipality wants to make a new law either for, or against the potbellied pig as a pet that law can not apply to the potbellied pigs already there, because it was made after the potbellied pig in question, and all other potbellied pigs in that jurisdiction were already there. This is where the Grand father law comes into effect. The pots already there must be grand fathered, and the new law would only pertain to any new Potbellied pigs that are brought into the jurisdiction after the new law was passed.

The law for live livestock is an older law that was made even before the potbellied pig was introduce to America. 
Attorney Mitchell Katine, an HOA law specialist, argued that pot-bellied pigs are not livestock because they are not raised for food, fiber or farm labor. That is what the law determines as livestock. 

Also CHUY is a registered ESA ( Emotional Support animal) an according to Federal Laws Granting the Right to Be Accompanied by an Emotional Support Animal 
While the ADA governs the use of emotional support animals in public places, two other federal laws, the Air Carrier Access Act (ACAA) and Fair Housing Act (FHAct), govern the use of emotional service animals in housing or on commercial aircraft. 

Under the Fair Housing Act, an individual with a disability may be entitled to keep an emotional support animal in housing facilities that otherwise do not allow pets. An emotional support animal—which can include animals other than dogs—must be permitted as a reasonable accommodation when an individual requires the animal in order to have an equal opportunity to use and enjoy the housing. The assistance the animal provides must relate to the individual’s disability. 
Under the Air Carrier Access Act (ACAA), a commercial airline must permit emotional support dogs and other animals to accompany qualified passengers with a disability on a flight. Airlines cannot require that a passenger traveling with a service animal provide written documentation that the animal is a service animal, but the same is not true for an emotional support animal. 

I have a lot of information including that pigs are hypoallergenic so people with allergies can have them as pets. 

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