SROs - Officers To Protect Our Schools

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Given the recent violent tragedies happening in schools around our country, it is crucial to have open collaboration among police, teachers, school administrators and families. School Resource Officers (SROs) are sworn in police officers dedicated to protecting and educating youth within the school environment. They act as school and community liaisons, problem solvers, youth advocates, mentors, counselors, classroom instructors and positive role models.

Having SROs at the elementary level provides early interventions to Shelton children and families. This acts as a first line of defense with potentially combatting destructive behaviors that can lead to impaired mental health and traumatic crime. Without SROs, Shelton students are currently at a higher risk for gun violence, domestic disputes, physical injuries, drug and alcohol use and other illegal activity. Employing an SRO to each one of our public schools on a daily basis during school hours will provide Shelton children with additional safety measures and mental health education they need and deserve.

A well known two-year peer reviewed study conducted by researchers at Canada’s Carleton University concluded that for every dollar invested in an SRO program, “a minimum of $11.13 of social and economic value was created.” The study confirmed many benefits of SROs including increased feelings of safety among students and staff. Research also shows students are able to learn at a higher capacity when feeling safe in their school environment.

If the city of Shelton adopts the system currently used in neighboring Newtown, we would provide our schools with SROs who are retired police officers resworn in at $25/hour. The Shelton P.D. gave back $1.3 million to the city in 2017, and the cost of SROs would only be a small portion of that. Therefore, this budget friendly plan is very feasible for Mayor Mark Lauretti and the Shelton Police Department to instill for September 2018 and no tax dollars or mill rate would be effected. 

Please sign this petition to show Mayor Lauretti, the Shelton Board of Alderman and the Shelton Police Department that you support SROs in our Shelton Schools.