U​.​S Workers should be PROTECTED from COVID-19 as well as their FAMILIES & Communities!

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**We are ALL TOGETHER in keeping our community members SAFE. COVID-19 (Corona Virus) does NOT care what your political views, religious beliefs, age or gender is… We need to ALL work together to shed LIGHT on areas that are making ALL of us more VULNERABLE. 

The South LOUISIANA Detention Center just transported a detainee to the hospital. The guards in the facility are beyond worried and are stating they are ready to all WALK OUT. 

Understand that these women in this facility can all be paroled into their families custody while they wait to see an immigration judge. During that time NONE of your tax dollars will go towards preventing them from getting the Corona Virus. 

IF they are at home with their families YOUR community members will not be FORCED to work in close proximity with them increasing their chances of getting the virus and taking it to YOU. 

Louisiana needs to PRIORITIZE its citizens and make sure ALL resources are going to the community members and the families of these people detained can take care of their own family members during this time. Do NOT allow people to take unnecessary risks that can cost YOUR life or your LOVED ones LIVES!

Louisiana has 1,795 Corona virus cases in the state; 65 deaths have been reported. These toxic work conditions can cause this number to RISE. Sign the petition to SAVE COMMUNITY WORKERS their lives matter! 

Understand what affects YOU affects ME. We need to all be together in making sure we are all SELF QUARANTINE and are not taking UNNECESSARY RISKS.

Evangeline Parish Sheriff has the contract with this facility to call the Mayor Mark Denette,  and urge him to NOT extend this contract with the Facility and to send those detainees to be with their families so the guards can be safely with theirs! warden, Indalecio Ramos ALREADY has a history of not managing the “mumps'' outbreak well at this facility. He can NOT be trusted to manage the CORONA VIRUS. https://fr.reuters.com/article/idUSKBN1QR0EW

Sample Script

“Hello, right now our entire country is at risk to the COVID-19 Virus. We need you to terminate the contract with GEO Group that has the South Louisiana Detention Center risking the lives of every worker, their families, their communities and our country as a whole. These workers need to be at home with their families and our tax dollars need to go towards keeping our people safe not taking care of people that can have their own families take care of them.” 

Mayor Mark Denette (337) 432-6693, (337) 432-6434

City Council:

Bron Dubroc (337) 207-0474

Latoya Howze

Kristi Miller

Catina Herbert

Kenny Burgess

Clay Higgins represents portion of Basille as a US Congressman 337-703-6105  202-225-2031

Mike Johnson represents portion of basille as a US Congressman 202-225-2777 318-840-0309

Louisiana House District 41 - Phillip DeVillier (r) (337) 457-0194

Louisiana Senate District 28 - Heather Cloud (r) (337) 461-2595

*If you KNOW of ANY other company risking people’s health and safety please fill out this survey - https://forms.gle/YpNKfMfn2C2xup1S9

Thank You- We will all make it through this TOGETHER