Improve transparency and accountability in the Mountain View Police Force

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Every step taken by every individual police force improves the standing of peace officers as a whole.

Please take the following steps to show that we can hold ourselves to the same level of accountability that we demand of the police officers and departments all across the country:

1. Place prominently on the MVPD website the use of force rules governing action by MVPD officers, including choke holds and requirements for de-escalation

2. In the use of force rules, state clearly which situations *will* result in disciplinary action

3. Place prominently in the MVPD website a method for members of the Mountain View community to notify MVPD of situations where an officer might have used excessive force

4. Provide public statistics to confirm that MVPD is not engaging in racial profiling

5. Support creation of a citizens oversight board that will review claims of excessive force by police officers

6. Publicly affirm that should a police officer be accused of misconduct and the case prosecuted by the DA, MVPD will not retaliate against the DA in conduct of that or any other prosecutions

7. Publicly renounce the use of military style gear for crowd control and intimidation and reduce the use of weapons in everyday police work

8. Work to ensure that police contracts do not require expunging from police records of reports of excessive force

By taking these few steps, MVPD has the opportunity to lead the nation out of this logjam of mistrust and confrontation. By clarifying and publishing what you probably already believe, you can demonstrate that you hold your department accountable and that you trust the community you work with. In our community, this is all rather symbolic. But it is from such symbols that our nation can start the work of truly healing. Thank you.