Environmental Trash: Provide Cleaning Materials to the Residents.

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There is a large littering problem in the community of Zenaida Subdivision II in Concepcion Uno, Marikina City. The people living within the subdivision feel disgust to their surroundings due to the unsightly trash surrounding the area. Environmental trash such as dead leaves and branches are piling up the area up due to the lack of street sweepers in the area. The people wants change in their surroundings. They have tried to do a clean-up operation but it didn't last due to lack of funds.

Consequently, because the area is being piled up with environmental trash, people are being tempted to litter around also since they feel that it will be hidden as more leaves mound the area.

Rather than asking for more street sweepers, we are proposing to our Mayor, Marcy Teodoro, to provide cleaning materials such as brooms, dustpan and government-stationed trashcans on where they can put the environmental trash, to the community of Zenaida Subdivision II. Since the people are willing to clean the area but lacks the fund to do so, this government help will help reduce and lessen the trash in the surroundings.

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