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Make 144th between Ida and Fort safe!

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If you live or drive or recreate in the corridor supporting the many middle class neighborhoods around 144th street between Ida and Fort streets you have most likely ridden your bike, walked, driven your car, truck or motorcycle along that stretch of road cutting through the Standing Bear Lake area.

Besides being a poorly cared for narrow crumbling blacktop road it has no shoulder and can just barely handle the traffic of the automobiles for which it was built. There have been many accidents along this stretch, maybe even some deaths, exacerbated by the horrible design and care of this stretch of road. Population in this area has grown by leaps and bounds recently. I personally was riding my bike along that area and was bumped off the road by a driver not allowing me right of way on the road.

Here are a few photos stored offline I share to just clarify the problem:

As you know, it is a highly traveled road in one of the highest taxed areas and some of the most popular housing and shopping developments in the city.  One of my neighbors from the Waterford area called the county roads department multiple times in years past regarding 144th (between Ida & Fort) and they indicate that they acknowledge and understand the concern, but because the City 'owns' a portion of that road and the bridges around Standing Bear, nothing ever gets accomplished because of all the red tape.

Their "hands are tied until they are able to come to some sort of agreement....". So they patch when absolutely necessary and that's it! How many people will need to be injured on this road or DIE before someone wakes up to the increase in traffic and poor repair and width of this road?

We, your neighbors and I, are willing to 'band together' to create a voice in order to get something accomplished? I hope you will too by SIGNING THIS PETITION and sharing your own personal stories or concerns based on experiences you have had. If they're not hearing from us and have no documentation of the major safety concerns this road is causing, then they will never be inclined to move on it.


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