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Raise the minimum wage in Mississippi to $11 an hour and to end the at will employment law

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This change will impact myself and family because Mississippi for over decades has been the most poverty stricken state to the point where there are no adequate jobs and in particular in my area which is Starkville there only fast food jobs and other odd jobs that I am embarrassed to see people have to work even though they have potential to do better but the opportunities or not available because of the lack and types of jobs available in the local market. The economical growth in Mississippi is very slow and in my opinion is not up to par with the rest of the United States. I want to be able to be proud to be from Mississippi and not just because of the historical and natural scenery, but because of the ability to provide stable jobs for every family to survive in this state and  world. I also would like to see the state of Mississippi ban the "at will" employment law. This law is detrimental to the citizens of the state because it gives employers the right to terminate or not hire a person for any given reason other than religion, race, creed, color or disability. I believe in a person being treated respectful and should not be discriminated against based off of personal choices due to envy, looks, affiliations and etc. Another issue to support more funding for this great state. Mississippi legislatures have in the past, rejected legitimate funding for healthcare bills, public school funding (education), along with funding for renovations for the pavement, roading, and agricultural systems. I am also looking for citizens to support more funding to bring diverse jobs to the State as well as particular counties who need it the most.  

I DO NOT want Mississippi anymore to be known for racism, prejudice, and poverty but for great hospitality, peaceful environment, economic growth, sports, recreational activities for college students, adults, and kids, safe family oriented upbringing, and moral values.

Mississippi can be so much more advanced if the citizens would come together and cease the century long stigma that was placed on this great state and put our differences aside so that we can bring more attraction, tourist, and financial growth for the sake of our prestigious colleges and universities around Mississippi and most importantly families 


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