Stop Unlawful Arrests and Cash Bail Now!

Stop Unlawful Arrests and Cash Bail Now!

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The following actionable solutions address the unlawful arrests, abuse of power and police brutality during the recent protests in Kansas City. This list is not exhaustive.

1. Immediate dismissal of all nonviolent charges against Protestors exercising their Constitutional rights.

2. Expungement of Protestors’ arrest records for said charges.

3. Immediate modification of existing bonds to remove bond conditions that restrict travel to public or publicly funded places including, but not limited to the Plaza and the Power and Light District.

4. An immediate moratorium on the necessity to post cash bail for nonviolent offenses.

5. The complete elimination of the cash bail system for nonviolent offenses.

6. An independent investigation and public inquiry of police conduct during the protests.

7. Investigation, discipline and/or termination of officers violating established standards of professionalism.

8. Published rules of engagement for all peaceful protests.