Repave Tryon Pk

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Tryon Park is a gem within the City limits. It offers so much to the citizens of Rochester. First and most importantly of all, it is home to some 50 homes of hard working, tax paying Rochesterians. Secondly, it is the main thoroughfare to Rochester's Tyron Park, 82 undeveloped wild acres that run from Irondequoit Bay to Ellison Park. Tryon Park has an active biking, and hiking scene. On any given day, rain, snow or sleet, you will find people enjoying the park. Also connected via the road of Tryon Pk, are it's baseball fields. Beginning in May and running through September, every night of the week you will find cars lined up and down the road, you will hear the "tink" of the metal bats, the smell of hots and hams grilling. It truly is a wonderful sight.

Tryon is also the home to a dance studio that see's many cars parked on the street during the evening on weeknights.

Lastly, connected via Tryon pk, is Tryon Estates, a LARGE development of townhouses and apartments.

There a thousands of vehicles that use this road every week (even the County's own - to open and lock the park gate). From bikers and hikers to the kid's going to play ball. It's honestly disgusting and unsafe how the city has put "band-aids" and "patched" the road. They are so poor, that you have to swerve and slalom down the street just to avoid causing grave damage to your vehicle and to pedestrians walking. Something must be down to correct this issue. This is not your typical residential street. It is the main access point for residents, park goers, and apartment traffic. Please, bite the bullet and realize that you have a gem, in Tryon Park, and invest in it's future. If you don't you're throwing away the future of this hidden gem.