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Pershing Square Renewal Plus Peace Walkway for People's park

Dear Mayor Eric Garcetti of the City Of Los Angeles,

We the people of Los Angeles consider the Pershing Square renewal project a vital opportunity for revitalizing the area and city for all peoples and as a definitive opportunity to include the Peace Walkway project, which utilizes A Hollywood walk of fame but for peacemakers, and a smart-tech app connecting its physical installation in L.A. with definitive in depth peace-making education and then connecting it with other cities and place installs world wide. Thus this United Nations endorsed project, directs itself to the future of the vast and diverse communities living in Los Angeles in a very real, heart felt, and central set of humanizing values. It also would be a global showcase for Los Angeles' tech community as we head towards being a 2028 Olympics global city, one for all people. It would take on the obsolete nature of General Pershing's war history, and offer the city's diverse population a true 21st century L.A. peoples park, a place for peaceful protest, exchange and multi-generational peaceful tech educational opportunities, long term. SEE:

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