Remove CPD from CPS Schools - Chicago Arts Education & Artists Collective

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The Arts Education Chicago Group is a collection of Artistic and Educational Directors who work for Chicago-area arts organizations. We call here upon all artists (including and especially young artists who attend CPS schools), educators, teaching artists, arts administrators, and others in the arts fields to demand the removal of the Chicago Police Department from Chicago Public Schools. 

CPS currently has a $33 million contract with the Chicago Police Department. Instead, those funds could be reallocated into resources (community intervention workers, librarians, social workers, nurses, speech-language pathologists, and mental health counselors in schools, just to name a few) that support marginalized students by addressing root causes, rather than relying on structures of intimidation and trauma. Police presence in schools reflects an American problem of investing in the criminal and juvenile justice system instead of schools and students.

This is a moment in history when we all as individuals and institutions have to make a choice. And we are calling on you to make the right one by choosing to follow the lead of your counterparts at the Minneapolis Board of Education, who have ended the school district’s contract with the Minneapolis Police Department. Doing so will reduce tensions that exist between our youth and law enforcement, tensions that have surely increased as a result of the police department’s treatment of many citizens these past few weeks, and increase the resources our city and students will need in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic.