Immediate Removal of Confederate Monument in the Grand Crossing neighborhood of Chicago

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The city of Chicago boasts a progressive present, electing it’s first black female mayor just last year. But it’s history of overlooking its racist past must stop and this begins with the confederate mound in Chicago’s Greater Grand Crossing neighborhood. The tall monument stands above a large plaque and 1000s of confederate soldiers who are memorialized a revered for their insistence to stand in their belief of enslaving humans. What makes the position of this mass memorial even more revolting is its place beside the likes of influential African American figures like, Jesse Owens, Harold Washington (The first black mayor of Chicago), and Ida B Wells. The notion of this is absolutely repulsive and conducive to a culture of racism and white supremacy. In the words of Historian Ann Keating the mound itself “was conceived of, funded, designed, and dedicated by white supremacists in an attempt to bridge the Confederate veterans and organizations.” Knowing this it contradicts the purest form of Chicago’s moral values. We’re currently living through a cultural revolution where silence will no longer be tolerated. The city’s continual disregard of this structure dedicated to white supremacy speaks volumes especially during times like these. While we don’t want to destroy the graves or their markers we cannot morally stand by when there’s a 50-foot statue of fallen confederates just across the street from Emmett TIll Road.