Create an Independent Equity Commission to Protect Chicago's Black Residents

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Since taking office, Mayor Lightfoot has promised a better quality of life for low-income and marginalized communities through equity, inclusion and investment. However, we continue to endure rampant violence and crime, poverty, failing public education, pushout, and other economic and social injustices. Furthermore, the mayor’s office has failed to meaningfully include the voices of Black constituents in shaping policies and practices that encourage the change she claims to support.

In her “Our City, Our Safety” plan, Mayor Lightfoot made a pledge to reduce violence and improve police reform efforts. However, shootings and murders have actually increased by 50% since 2019. And instead of strengthening trust between Chicago’s Black community and police, it has been further eroded as evidenced by the recent, botched raid of Anjanette Young’s residence. Activists and advocates from the Black community requested the creation of a task force to address these issues in February of 2020 but received no response from the mayor’s office.

Our goal is to protect and advocate on behalf of African American families who are stakeholders in our city. The persistence of these injustices will have long-term, devastating effects on low-income communities and we will no longer stand for lost accountability. It’s time for the voices of families to be heard and we are calling on the mayor to end the neglect of Black communities and to invest in our future.