London Breed meet with low-wage undocumented workers to ensure Sanctuary in SF!

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We want you to hear the voices of immigrant workers to ensure that San Francisco’s recovery will truly be a sanctuary for undocumented workers. Many immigrant workers are suffering right now, and have not been able to take paid sick leave or pay rent because they have suddenly lost all of their income and have no support from the federal government.

We are allies who support immigrant workers! We believe that if San Francisco is truly a Sanctuary City that now is the time to show it and that all of the people who live in this beautiful city are treated equally. We want a plan from San Francisco about how undocumented low-wage workers, who have been left out of almost all forms of government direct relief and aid, will be able to thrive in the future.

Please reach out to Young Workers United to discuss how San Francisco can be a sanctuary for undocumented workers. You can reach us immigrant workers via



There are over 224,000 undocumented immigrants and their families who have lost all income due to the COVID-19 crisis, Undocumented immigrants have no access to federal or local aid or benefits that is being offered to others, despite being an important part of San Francisco's economy and community. Immigrant families are struggling to stay in their homes, put food on the table, and be in compliance with the "shelter-in-place" order to keep everyone safe. Restaurant workers who still have jobs feel pressured to go to work despite the dangers of COVID-19 infection -- in fact, numerous fast food workers have already contracted COVID-19 from going to work in San Francisco. Low-wage immigrant workers deserve access to health, dignity, and equitable aid as is being given to everyone.

Here are the stories of Young Workers United's members during this crisis, and to see more visit:

Hi my name is Adriana, I am from Mexico and I have two children that were born in San Francisco, CA. I am currently worried about my children’s health, their ability to maintain their grades, and the youngest being able to retain what he learned in kindergarten-it is very difficult for me to help him, even though I have his teacher available over the phone. This situation is impacting us; my two children are unable to go to school and as the head of household, I am without work because all of the gyms have been closed down, I am a janitor at gyms.

If working, we are barely able to make ends meet, then now cannot. I would like to see support from the city of San Francisco for the immigrant community in these difficult times. We need support now more than ever especially since we are residents of a sanctuary city.


My name is Alejandra Sanchez and I am from Celaya Guanajuato Mexico and I have lived in the US for 19 years. I was left without a job and without income for my family. It was a temporary dismissal and I don't know if I will have my job back, my employer has given me documents that I need to sign but they are not in my primary language which is Spanish. I can't pay for the rent or help my family in Mexico and I don’t know how long my little savings will last.

Rent is the thing that worries me the most. Most of us who work pay taxes and the city has many sources of income and there is independent help - like the Mayor who has stopped evictions for 30 days - to help us freeze the rent for at least 2 months. Our undocumented community is not being supported by the government when it should be supporting everyone since we have all been affected by this situation.