Change SF's Anti-Music Park Ordinances Now!

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Since San Francisco's shelter in place ordinance began in March 2020, musicians have been completely out of work and offered little to no financial assistance. We don't want a handout, an insufficient slice of government cheese, we want to work! People need music, they are hungry for it and welcome it with positive responses every time. When you pay $5-60 to see a band at SFJAZZ, Black Cat, Boom Boom Room, Club Deluxe, The Chapel, The Independent, GAMH, any of the clubs in town, or spend $3K-10K for a band at a wedding or corporate function, these are the people whose services you're enjoying. Hardworking people who have shared the stage with Etta James, Stevie Wonder and the like. The people who teach you and your children how to play music. The permitting process to perform in an SF Park is inaccessible, expensive and takes a ridiculously long time to receive what is usually a negative response.

Acoustic musicians should be allowed to busk in the park for free without worry of citation! Under current regulations, park rangers are dispatched to disband any such function where more than one musician is involved, whether social distancing is in place or not. I personally have encountered this issue as a solo performer as have many of my colleagues, and it is absolutely unacceptable! Many restaurants and bars who hosted live music are still closed, some have closed permanently, and few will allow or be able to afford live music once the lockdown is lifted. That is a huge source of income for many full time professional musicians living in the Bay Area, which now doesn't exist. Music has long been a major attraction for the San Francisco Bay Area. The tech industry and predatory realtors have been allowed to take over the city while the government hands out multi-million dollar tax breaks and enforces Draconian regulations forcing musicians, families, other poor people, to starve on the street or move away. It's sickening and completely unacceptable, change is long overdue. Please sign and share if it upsets you to watch San Francisco lose it's culture. Thank you for standing with us to let the music play.