Transforming the Alameda Naval Base to accommodate the Homeless

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  Dear Trish Spencer and Libby Schaaf,

Homelessness has been a problem for a long time and has only been getting worse, with currently about 6,000 people just within the Alameda county living homeless. Contrary to popular belief, homeless people aren’t just adults, in fact here in the bay area ⅕ of the homeless population are people under the age of 25, “according to statistics provided from youth and young adults homeless in san francisco”. 88% of the the youth say they found themselves without a home due to abuse and 51% say they were asked to leave their homes because they identify as a part of the LGBTQ+ community. Other reasons why people end up on the streets is because they are mentally ill. People who suffer from mental illness often lack the support of things like shelters and organizations. According to a survey conducted by the Everyone Home organization, 69% of the homeless, or about 4,000 people are living on the streets away from any government or volunteer led shelter. That number continues to go up and will eventually to climb to a unfathomable amount if we don’t do something about it. Quite a few homeless shelters are already located in Oakland, and there is a massive naval yard in Alameda which is almost completely unused and filled with empty buildings that could easily be redone to accommodate the homeless. We propose the creation of a new homeless shelter within the Alameda naval base. Turning it into a new homeless shelter that can house many will be the first step in fixing our growing number of homeless people. It would be able to provide a safe place for many who would otherwise be left out in the streets. This action will be costly, however, depending on the help of the community and the position you two take in this, we know this is possible. We will be able to offer to those without a home, a place to stay. The homeless are still people, they are citizens who deserve another chance at life and the opportunity to bring change into their lives and the world’s future. Thousands of ideas lost, unheard because of the lack of money, chance, and hope for the future. By creating a new shelter, we would not only be able to take them off the streets and provide them a better place to stay, we would show them that there is hope and there are methods they could use to get themselves out of their situation.


                                                               Freshmen of Oakland

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