Demand City of Oakland uphold ADA Access Code Compliance -to take our sidewalks back!

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  1. Are you frustrated that you cannot walk on the sidewalks with your children or pushing you grand-mothers’ wheelchair and are now forced to go out onto the street because of loitering, litter, feces and tent cities?
  2. As a resident or business owner do these encampments add to your stress?
  3. Is it effecting your business clients stress or business traffic and income, and/or property value? 

We need to let our District representative, the OPD and our mayor Libby Schaaf know.

We are asking our Oakland Residents, Emeryville and San Francisco and all community members of surrounding areas facing this problem to sign a petition to oppose the proposed expansion of homeless encampments. The proposal we need to voice we are against bis to to take over Cal Trans properties underneath the I80/580 freeway. This proposal by City of Oakland will INCREASE the encampments that are currently occupying Watts Street at 35thStreet. The passing of this proposal will potentially move homeless from 26thstreets and other locations around the area to lots underneath the freeway all along 35thstreet.

There have already been 3 (three)- not 1, not 2, BUT 3 FIRES! at the encampment at 35th and Watts Street underneath the freeway caused by the campers negligence, hoarding, and unsafe storage and use of Gasoline for heating(?) There are numerous accounts of daily drug and human trafficking witnessed, stolen bicycles are parked outside tents on sidewalk. Loitering, drug dealing, littering and larger still ADA Code Compliance is being violated.

Our sidewalks cannot be used! Our Elderly residents and children cannot walk along sidewalks overrun by tents and are forced to walk into the street to go around to pass -into roadway traffic.
We need to demand these laws be enforced by our city. We are in need of other options –not offer expansion. This option to take over the Cal Trans owned parking lots is not a good idea or a permanent solution. Free property to homeless enables them -does not teach sustainability or use the land to generate income for funding real solutions!
REAL SOLUTIONS #1: LIBBY!! These lots under freeways could instead generate income and at the same time assist in solving traffic issues our area has. We would like to see these lots used for monitored and metered parking, and/or park and ride lots for commuters into SF. Metered and monthly permit parking with shuttles that could take people to Bart…where there is clearly not enough parking around then stations and is a deterrent for people to use this pubic transit. These ideas would build more revenue to use to help fund needed PERMANENT low income housing to be built elsewhere.

Parking lots owned by Caltrans could be offered for use by our community and would would be safer for the surrounding homes and help surrounding business, instead of hurting their business. Let’s propose real solutions, and create opportunities for programs to contribute back to the community for the services they would like. We need income for building low income homes to get homeless off our sidewalks.We are suggesting work programs for credit for shelter and meals and to give back and clean up the city. We would love more ideas and suggestions to pass along in our meeting we hope to get with the mayor.

This would be a better use of these empty lots -for generating needed income for a more permanent solution. This income would help the homeless get homes and not in parking lots, and not tents on the sidewalks.
We appreciate taking the time to read and Thank you for signing this petition to state you are against the proposed expansion and relocation of homeless to allow them to overtake these lots underneath the freeways, and for the focus to be on the real problem that needs to be solved -sustainability by real solutions. We want Oakland to ENFORCE ADA Code Compliance -sidewalk accessibility laws. The City officials need to think LONG TERM -not keep putting a band aid on it and as a result it is harming the surrounding business; and residents.

Please sign our petition to demand OPD to uphold the laws that are already established for the WHOLE community. We need our lawmakers to encourage not discourage our officers to enforce the laws and support all of its residents -including homeowners and business owners, elderly and the children we have a job to keep safe.

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