Help Our Loved Ones Get What They DESERVE- The Proper Prescriptions (End Reduction)

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Hello, my dear fellow Americans. The reason that this petition is being started is that we have a CRISIS on our hands. Our family members, our loved ones, our veterans, and even ourselves, are at the absolute MERCY of them that call themselves our leadership, and enough is ENOUGH.

Due to the 'Opioid Epidemic', there's not only a PUSH to do, but an actual REDUCTION in the quantity of prescribed medication for chronic pain sufferers in need, already taking place. 

I'm NOT here to discuss the 'Epidemic', but only the reality of the need for the medication, and in my opinion, and others, the unlawful, inhumane, and involuntary reduction of the necessary prescriptions. Yes, there may be people abusing the system, however, are we to allow potentially millions of OUR LOVED ONES to suffer unbearable pain for WEEKS on end, EVERY month, to possibly, not certainly, stop what could be a manufactured problem?

The reduction is sudden, and without a system or alternative means in place, from what I have heard from first hand accounts. For instance, I know someone personally that had major surgery,and even deals with NERVE DAMAGE. They were receiving over 100 pain pills to last them the entire month prior to this action. All of a sudden, their quantity was reduced significantly. This went on for months, and now they have received another reduction, to an amazing less than HALF of their original supply!!! This is only ONE STORY of people I know personally, not the potential MILLIONS nationally that are experiencing this INJUSTICE.

CBD OIL is making waves for its pain reduction capabilities. This is an option, YET, not only its FULL LEGALITY nationwide, but its PRESCRIPTION.               Insurance companies should be held liable to pay for these oils for the clients that make them ridiculously wealthy year after year.

In conclusion, this petition is to AWAKEN the people, hold accountable them that are in charge of these decisions, and RESTORE THE PRESCRIPTION QUANTITY TO OUR LOVED ONES, AND THOSE THAT HAVE FOUGHT AND SACRIFICED LIFE AND LIMB FOR THIS NATION, with CBD OIL and other NATURAL solutions that are being kept away from the population OR DEMONIZED in efforts to establish continued WEALTH for the pharmaceutical companies.

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