Open Lincoln Beach

Open Lincoln Beach

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New Orleans For Lincoln Beach Foundation started this petition to Mayor Latoya Cantrell


Since the Corona virus outbreak, the people of New Orleans have used the historical Lincoln Beach as an open green space to stay healthy, happy, and to relieve stress. Latoya Cantrell, the Mayor of New Orleans recently approved the launching of a study in exploring ways to open the 17-acre beach.

We believe the following and are operating with these goals in mind:

The critical need of the public for fresh air and green space to stay healthy exists in New Orleans East

There has been a substantial and sustained rise in walking and biking, as reported by News Wit A Twist, WWL, The New Orleans Tribune and other sources

There is a shortage of open and unprogrammed green space in New Orleans East, particularly shaded green space and smooth walking paths

Lincoln Beach is underutilized. More people have been on the fairways these past few months than in the past few years.

In May of 2020, Michael “Sage” Pellet and Tricia ”Blyss” Wallace launched an internal team to explore the process of developing pedestrianization concepts for Lincoln Beach


 Offer a safe, accessible and comfortable environment for natives and visitors to enjoy 

Improve the overall quality of life with sustainable and natural short- and long-term pedestrian-centric approaches

Provide creative opportunities that support the full business ecosystem to open, recover and thrive as we move through and beyond COVID-19 restrictions

Establish an inclusive framework and processes for decision-making that ensures pedestrianization and development efforts support improved outcomes for all 

We are asking that the City of New Orleans transparently respond to the needs of New Orleans by not selling it to a private developer. Work directly with New Orleans For Lincoln Beach Foundation on the plans of officially opening Lincoln Beach, prioritizing people of color in the economic benefits throughout the open process.  And to officially open and designate Lincoln Beach as a Public Park and Green Space, accessible to all.

Mission :

New Orleans for Lincoln Beach Foundation’s mission is to work directly with the City of New Orleans to open and develop Lincoln Beach and dedicate it to the community of New Orleans and as a safe, clean and natural healing space to connect with nature


Provide economic, environmental, and educational opportunities for New Orleans natives

Open and create safe and accessible entryways

Provide safe recreational outdoor waterways for families and community members

Provide a natural therapeutic and healing space to support mental wellness

Protect environmental coastal plant life

Create a marketplace and community garden

Prioritize green friendly living

0 have signed. Let’s get to 500!
At 500 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!