Gig Harbor Mayor & City Council: Thank you for the residential building moratorium!

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Rapid population growth and lagging infrastructure development in Gig Harbor is an ongoing problem. As we all know, the city has experienced unprecedented growth over the last 10 years. Currently, it is the 3rd fastest growing city in Pierce County. Because of this growth,  Gig Harbor is behind on mitigating the damaging effects of traffic, noise, light pollution, overcrowded schools, and overburdened parks and open space.

​While the city understands the problems generated by this rapid growth, nothing substantive in terms of policy has materialized. In fact, previous administrations have encouraged both residential and commercial growth, providing sweet-heart development agreements along the way. The implication of these actions is that Gig Harbor has been slowly losing its small town charm, culture and character. 

That is why we are thanking the current Mayor and City Council for taking action on February 12th to curb rampant growth in our city by passing a six-month moratorium on residential development. It is the first significant step by our decision-makers to help curb rampant growth in our community. The passing of the moratorium is key for two reasons. 

First, it has started a citywide conversation about how to tackle Gig Harbor's growth. While there is a segment of the community who are opposed to the moratorium and all that it stands for, many others are speaking out in favor or more moderate growth, both for residential and commercial development. 

Second, it is the first step in generating policy that will slow growth in Gig Harbor. Creating any new policy takes time, thought and input from all parties. However, a majority of Gig Harbor residents, as witnessed in the last election, support slow growth development in our community.

We, therefore, applaud the Mayor and City Council for passing the six-month residential moratorium! Once smart-growth policies around residential development are in place, we then encourage them to tackle the commercial development issue in our community as well. While these short-term battles might get ugly, the effort over the long run will ensure our community remains vibrant.  

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