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Petitioning City Council Zoning Chair Councilman Ikaika Anderson and 5 others

Mayor Kirk Caldwell: Respect the 1999 Ko'olau Loa Sustainable Plan. Reject the 2012 MUFI's PLAN.

Save Oahu's limited agricultural land. "ENVISION LAIE" Subdivision at Gunstock Ranch Kahuku will destroy rural Ko'olau Loa & Oahu's limited agricultural lands.

Maintain the 1999 Ko'olau Loa Sustainable Communities Plan. Reject the 2012 MUFI's PLAN that will cement Ko'olau Loa and turn it into LITTLE UTAH.

Contrary to Hawaii Reserves, BYU-H and PCC's faulty claims, "ENVISION LAIE" has little support. It is OPPOSED by Hauula, Punalu'u, Ka'a'awa, north shore communities, including the Kahalu'u Neighborhood Board.

The 2-lane country road lacks capacity to service more massive developments' traffic.

Developers will build and build while taxpayers will suffer impacts and pay for the massive infrastructure costs.

Hawaii Reserves Inc promised to build 550 affordable homes in Laie twenty years ago but not a single stick has been put into the ground.

Turtle Bay Resort expansion with timeshares and luxury condos will not provide hotel jobs. "Tomorrow's Ahupua'a" of retail condos, timeshares insults the concept of ahupua'a.

Don't kill the Golden Goose of Hawaii's tourism. Save Rural Ko'olau Loa and the North Shore.

Keep the Country Country.

Letter to
City Council Zoning Chair Councilman Ikaika Anderson
Honolulu Mayor Mayor Kirk Caldwell
Honolulu City Council Chair Ernest Martin
and 3 others
Hawaii State House
Hawaii State Senate
Hawaii Governor
Respect the 1999 Ko'olau Loa Sustainable Plan. Reject the 2012 MUFI's PLAN.