Create a better noise pollution policy!

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Create a better noise pollution policy!

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Believe that the present noise pollution policy in its present form is arbitrary, unclear and simply bad for business. It has caused confusion and tension between those who enforce the law and citizens.

We do not dispute that there must be a policy governing noise in public spaces, far from it. What we disagree with is the lack of dialogue between those who instituted the policy, those enforcing it and those whom it affects.

What we want is a noise pollution policy that is;

Understandable: In cities around the world, there are codes and regulations that all businesses are aware of and follow. These clear-cut guidelines serve to benefit both the businesses and law enforcement.

Measureable: The policy must be based on fact and not simply conjecture. Law enforcement must be able to show that a certain numerical value has been exceeded before action is taken. It cannot simply be based on opinion.

Workable: The policy should be applicable to the Rwandan context.

As Rwandan youth, we worry that the policy as it stands will cause grave unintended consequences. It will harm:

Job Creation: The entertainment sector employs thousands of Rwandans, the majority being Rwandans aged between 18-35. 

Tourism: Rwanda aims to be a tourism hub, which is clearly seen through the creation of the MICE strategy. The Government is investing millions of taxpayer money into infrastructure like the $300 million Convention center; how will it see a return on investment when the country is not receiving any tourists?

Tax revenue: These numerous bars, hotels, restaurants, and other entertainment spots contribute millions of taxes to the national treasury, which in turn pays the salaries of civil servants, funds infrastructure projects and allows social welfare programs to exist.

The art/entertainment scene:  There is no modern city without a vibrant entertainment and culture scene. Kigali will not take its place among other international cities of note without such a scene.

Therefore, we are asking for a halt to the closing down of businesses and events until a proper policy is put in place and is properly publicized.

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