Let's Fix Fern Street: Plazas, Safety, and a New Heart of Our Community

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Matt Stucky
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A recent collision at the intersection of Fern and Grape Street shows the dangers of ignoring the  continuous injuries sustained by pedestrians along Fern Street, combined with the general stressful atmosphere.  Let's fix Fern Street by converting pavement to plazas, enhancing safety at intersections, and creating a new heart of our neighborhood.

We, the local residents, are asking the City of San Diego to implement a plan that fixes the intersection at Grape and Fern, including the creation of a new public plaza at Grape Street between 30th and Fern Streets.  Additionally, the plan asks for a redesign of the intersection at Fern and Grape Streets.

We also ask the city to consider other options to calm the traffic on Fern Street by shifting the majority of traffic to 30th Street. 

Details can be found here:  https://rightsideclub.org/2019/01/07/fixing-fern-street-pavement-to-plazas-pedestrian-safety-and-returning-the-heart-of-our-community-to-the-locals/