Open a Supervised Injection Clinic in Philadelphia

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March In Black: International Overdose Awareness Day 2017

When I started this petition. I thought it would get a few dozen signatures. We currently have over 1700. It has been an incredible few months and we cannot express enough gratitude for the support we have received on this life changing journey. SIFs are currently under review and the city of Philadelphia will make a final decision this fall. PLEASE continue to speak openly about the desperate need for harm reduction and addiction management services. 2017 must be the high water mark for overdose deaths in Philadelphia. We are teaming up with Prevention Point and Angels In Motion to make our voices heard on the streets of Philadelphia. MARCH IN BLACK: International Overdose Awareness Day 2017 is Thursday, August 31st. We are meeting at the steps of the York-Dauphin El stop at 6pm and marching north on Kensington Avenue to a vigil at McPherson Square. Along the way we are having speakers from the activist community, police, fire, and EMT representatives, as well as politicians. The march will culminate with a vigil on the steps of McPherson Square for families and friends of those lost to addiction. "We march for awareness. We march for compassion and understanding. We march for sanity and responsibility. We march for the lives that could have been. We march for the loved ones left to grieve. We march together as a city and a nation in one voice saying, 'We cannot go on like this!'" Please join us. |

Dan Martino
4 years ago