Philadelphia, Take Down The Billboards about Diabetes

It is absolutely shameful that in this age of instant information - literally at our fingertips - that something so either completely ignorant OR willfully and purposefully misleading could be used without considering the harm it can do.

My son is a type 1 diabetic. It is an auto-immune disease. Food did not cause this.

Food - without insulin- can kill him. highs can come from “good” food or “bad” food - doesn’t matter - all of it has the potential to kill him because his body decides to attack his pancreas, and now he no longer produces his own insulin to help digest said foods no matter how we decide to label them.

Food can also save his life. When he has lows he NEEDS the trash you are bashing to survive. Sure, an apple is awesome if you have the time to wait for the natural sugars to take effect - but for many diabetics - like my son- they do not feel lows until they are very serious. He needs a fast acting hit of sugar - like a few swallows of full sugar soda, candy, etc. to pull him out of a low.

Shame on whoever approved this ad. Please do some research first next time.

Tamara Gapasin, Ozark, MO, United States
1 year ago
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