Start Database So Parking Authority Can Check to See if Car Is Part of Investigation

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What's worse than GRIEF?

 Not knowing.

For 11 days we DID NOT KNOW where our sister Nadia Malik was and were left wondering what happened to her.  

For 11 days my brothers and I drove down every street in Philadelphia looking for her and the car she was last seen in.  

It was heartbreaking to find out that all along she was right in plain view in the passenger seat of a car on 30th street with 8 parking tickets on the windshield. 

 The Philadelphia Parking Authority put parking ticket after parking ticket on the car while my sister's dead body was inside. They never cared to look inside or investigate the tags. The tow company that towed the car with her inside from 23rd and Market to 30th street never cared to look inside and or easily call the police to run the tags.


How can you move someone's car to another street without their consent anyway?

Don't they have an obligation to pay attention or care?


A statewide search was underway when all this was going on. Her ex boyfriend who was last seen with her was arrested on February 12th with the keys to the car that eventually my sister was found in, her license and her cellphone. My family and I worked closely with police and media to search for our sister Nadia.   We posted pictures of her and the car on social media sites. The police knew the make, model, and year of her car and they should have entered it into some sort of database that could be accessed by the Philadelphia Parking Authority. A search of license plate numbers would have surely revealed the car as being associated with Nadia. 


But they didn't. And because they didn't my family had to endure 11 long days of torture.........waiting to hear from her or what happened to her. Those 11 long days of pure pain and anxiety I would not wish on anyone and that is why there needs to be change and why we are asking you to sign this petition. 


Mayor Kenney, we are calling for a unified system between the parking authority, tow companies and law enforcement to be able to cross check data from missing persons cases or other crimes after issuing two tickets and especially before moving 'abandoned' vehicles. If it results in saving at least one life, then isn't that something worth fighting for?


My sister Nadia was a beautiful and kind daughter, sister, and mother. She worked hard to be her best. She was going to school to be a doctor and she worked as a pharmacy assistant at CVS and loved to help people. Unfortuantely though she was in an abusive relationship for years that she couldn't get out of and was scared to leave. The month before all this she finally had the sense to leave him and then this happened.  


Mayor Kenney no other family should have to go through what we went through and we need to work together to prevent this from happening again.


It shouldn't just be about writing another ticket.


It should be about helping one another. 

My sister, Nadia Malik deserved at least that much. We all deserve it as well. 


Please sign this petition today. 


Note: The horrific case of my sister continues on and is undergoing some major complications. We still don't know exactly how she died and her ex-boyfriend is now a free man despite his history of abuse towards her. Please support our case by signing this petition, follow us on Facebook and Twitter and help us seek #justice4nadia.


Thank you.