Demands for Changes in the Atlanta Police Department

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The citizens of Atlanta have expressed anger and frustration ad nauseam over the treatment of citizens by the Atlanta Police Department.  To date, empty promises and slow action have been the result of hundreds of complaints lodged at the organization and it's leadership. On the night of Friday, June 12th, Rayshard Brooks was sleeping his car at the Wendy's on University Avenue.

We, the people of Atlanta, demand:

  1. Immediate disciplinary action and arrest of any officer who shoots an unarmed human being, beginning with the officers who shot Rayshard as he was fleeing.
  2. A clear peace plan for officers engaging people who are intoxicated, asleep, homeless, unarmed, mentally ill, etc.
  3. A strategic plan to reallocate an agreed upon percentage of APD funds to ensuring equity in education, housing, environmental health, etc.
  4. Funding for training communities on how to deescalate conflict and how to resolve grievances without police involvement
  5. Demilitarization of the Atlanta Police Department.