Atlanta - Abolish Columbus Day and support Indigenous Peoples Day

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Atlanta, the birthplace of civil rights. The home of Martin Luther King Jr, John Lewis and so many other civic leaders. A city who leads the way in civil rights. But, Atlanta didn't begin there. Atlanta goes back much further, to the days of the Creek Confederacy and other tribes that called this land home.

The term Peachtree, for example, is used in 71 different street variations across this city. The term originates from Standing Peachtree, a Creek tribal village once resting where Buckhead sits today. We are home to the Atlanta Braves, who claim to pay homage to the tribes that stood here before Terminus. This land once flourished with native communities before being dragged out of their lands in 1838 during the Trail of Tears. 

Christopher Columbus was not a discoverer. You cannot discover a land which is already inhabited by 112,000,000 people. Columbus never set foot in North America. In fact, his mythology of greatness was an exaggeration of truth by Washington Irving, the author who penned Sleepy Hollow, but also his biography. 

This petition is asking Atlanta to stand in solidarity with tribal nations in abolishing Columbus Day in support of Indigenous Peoples Day.