Justice for Debby - Take Down 6ixbuzz Once & For All

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Justice for Debby - Take Down 6ixbuzz Once & For All

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Gabby . started this petition to Mayor's Office, City of Toronto (Mayor of Toronto)

6ixbuzztv has proven time and time again to be a danger to society and to the youth.

By promoting gang violence, drug dealing, pimping, and sadism, this page has only led to the decline of the youth and has created division in our communities. 

They promote many artists that also think its funny to rob and set people up. 

I have witnessed the effects this page has on our youth and our communities on multiple occasions.

I have heard 16 year old girls say they aspire to be strippers, see boys as young as 12 years old "trapping" in low income areas, and I even saw a grown couple give their 2 year old toddler a toy gun and stack of fake one dollar bills to play with. 

I believe hip-hop is no longer what it used to be, and has been completely weaponized to promote negative and harmful ideologies, beliefs, and lifestyles to young people and our society overall.

We live in a society now where little girls aspire to be strippers because of pages like this, and hip-hop culture, instead of aspire to be leaders, peacemakers, and empowered woman.

This is not me shaming sex work, just pointing out a trend. When young people strive to be sex workers, drugs dealers, or lean towards money orientated careers, over being a Prime Minister, healer, or activist... there is a serious problem. 

Wanting to change the world for the better is mocked, there's just no money in it. 

None of the artists on 6ixbuzztv ever use their platform to empower, educate, or help people.

Recently a young girl that this page heavily promoted and posted died of a Fentanyl overdose. 

Myself and many others wholeheartedly believe that the owner of 6ixbuzztv is fully responsible for her death and needs to be held accountable.

6ixbuzztv never once posted her to help her or "put her on", whenever they posted her it was in a way that was a mockery to her, and enabled thousands of grown men and woman to bully her, assault her, and exploit her.

I witnessed Debby being assaulted by grown men downtown Toronto, on Dundas Square at 4 am, the first time I met her.

She has been homeless for 2 years, and if 6ixbuzz says they really tried to help her, with all the money they make off their page why didn't they get her off the streets?

Instead, she was given drugs by people associated with the page, used to clout chase and get more engagement, and someone linked to 6ixbuzztv also human trafficked her and exploited her for money.

This was the final straw, 6ixbuzztv needs to be taken down and there needs to be consequences.

6ixbuzztv is lying and gaslighting that they tried to help her. 

To blame this young girl and say its her fault is wrong. She grew up in an abusive home and in foster care, and was never given a fair shot in life.

How can you expect someone who grew up in those conditions, was homeless, was used and exploited for followers and clout, and bullied by people on a page followed by 2 million people NOT to be a drug addict and struggle with mental health?

A bystander is no better than a bully. Please sign and share this petition so we can get Debby the justice she deserves. 



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This petition had 978 supporters