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Proper Drainage with Proper Waste Segregation and Disposal in Cabanatuan City

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We all know the importance of Proper Drainage and Proper Segregation and Disposal in our lives. It contains a lot of good benefits to the environment and to the people. The City of Cabanatuan is beautiful as a whole but looking closely at its parts 'barangays' people can tell that it is filled with garbage which is not pleasing to the eyes. Also, Living in a place with a stack of garbage is not good for our health. Some barangays also suffer from flood when a heavy rain falls and the major cause why these flood happen is because of the poor drainage and garbage.

Improper waste segregation and disposal and also poor and blocked drainage can cause a lot of serious problems which can lead to flooding, harmful diseases, traffic and accident. These problems are all dangerous, so that we need to create an effective solution and we have to be aware and responsible in every actions that we make. Keeping clean our community will benefit every members of the community, and also self-discipline, following the rules and having enough knowledge and awareness about the importance of proper drainage with proper segregation and disposal will be a good start.

This petition aims to implement the proper waste segregation and disposal and also provide a proper drainage in Cabanatuan City especially in the barangay areas to help start a small solution that can solve a big problem. Conduct a meeting or seminar to remind each members of our community about proper waste segregation and disposal, a garbage truck to collect our daily garbage, and also cleaning of drainage and canals weekly or thrice-monthly. This petition is for all of us and for the better change. A place is much more beautiful if it is clean and attractive. Families especially children won't be suffering from problems caused by garbage with poor drainage and people will be happier and healthier living in a safe and clean place.

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