Support the Racial and Social Equity Commission in Ashland, Oregon


Support the Racial and Social Equity Commission in Ashland, Oregon

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Royce Snyder started this petition to Mayor Julie Akins and the Ashland Community Council

What is the Commission for Racial and Social Equity?

 The Commission endeavors to adopt anti racist measures and draft a concrete plan to accomplish equity in the City of Ashland. Its goal will be to explore the way race and equity impact community, how to dismantle systems which support bias and to support systems of accountability as it pertains to race and issues of social equity through the following methodology:

• Identify both the systemic and systematic practices of racism, homophobia, sexism and classism which have fostered structural inequalities, challenges, and deficiencies in Ashland. 

• Assess the historic marginalization of African Americans, Indigenous People and People of Color in this community. 

• Recommend and advocate the systemic changes that will protect and promote racial and social opportunity, diversity, equity, and unity.

Who will be on the Commission?

The Commission is a seven member panel of community leaders with backgrounds in race and social equity work by appointment of the Mayor through the usual processes of application and appointment. Commissioners would need to represent a cross section of Black, Indigenous, People of Color, trans, gay, and economically marginalized. Commissioners would have additional qualifications by education and/or demonstrated work practice as equity leaders. 

What are the responsibilities of the Commission Members and how often do they meet?

There would be one primary staff liaison from the Ashland Police Department. Police Chief Tighe O’Meara has agreed to attend and or to rotate police staffing through commission meetings. However, there may be occasions where HR, Admin. and others may be tasked with providing expertise to specific areas of focus. The commission would meet on a monthly basis according to the schedule established by the Chair as determined by appointed members. The meetings would contain an agenda as established by the commission in consultation with the mayor and staff and would be noticed to the public. The Commission would additionally appoint a Secretary who would be tasked with the taking of minutes for publication by the City Recorder’s Office.

The ongoing areas of interest as a guidepost would be: 

• Racial Equity • Education & Economic Opportunity • Health Disparities 

• Law Enforcement, Justice and Accountability • Housing and Gentrification 

• City Hiring Practices


This petition made change with 76 supporters!