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Juvenile Curfew & Tougher Laws against Juvenile Crime.

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The people of Mount Isa and other North Queensland communities have had enough of being held hostage in our own homes by gangs of juvenile offenders that have no respect for the law or property of law abiding citizens.

Repeat juvenile offenders are fronting court and being let back out on our streets by inadequate laws that allow them to repeatedly terrorise the community.

The current Labour Government continues to take a soft approach on juvenile crime and ignore the rights of the citizens who live in these communities.

Their latest announcement of supervised bail houses to be established in 7 communities across the state is another example of their arrogance and how out of touch they are with the people they were elected to represent. There was no community consultation and Ms D'Ath has wrongly assumed that we would all be happy and not feel threatened by the establishment of this facility in our town.

Our town is currently facing the worst bout of juvenile crime we've seen, young children are being bullied & bashed for their money, belongings, and being forced to steal from their parents or faced being bashed. Elderly and Disabled citizens are being targeted as they are defenceless against these thugs. And property crime (break & enters, trespassing) is skyrocketing out of control and police are powerless to stop the madness because the current laws won't allow these offenders to be charged with anything.

As law abiding citizens we should be able to defend our family and our property without fear of prosecution.
We want to feel safe on our streets and in our own homes. It is clear that the soft approach isn't working and that harsher penalties are needed. This government must start protecting the rights of the community as a whole and stop protecting and enabling juvenile criminals to repeatedly reoffend.

We want to see tougher juvenile crime laws are enacted and that our police are given more powers to apprehend them.

We are also wanting a Curfew for all juveniles, under the age of 17, be set in place. 

This petition will be delivered to:
Queensland Attorney General
Hon. Yvette D'Ath and Mayor Joyce McCulloch (Mayor of Mt Isa)

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