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"We" as a person, we are living in a community where we live in.Everyday in our daily lives we want to see the beautiful sorroundings but  we observed that at the end of the day,our sorrounding is unpleasant insight because of the garbage thrown everywhere cause by the following:

IGNORANCE People are unaware of consequence of their unwise acts. They do not think what will be the effect of their every action concerning Mother Nature. This is related to selfishness for they don’t think about how it will affect others. 

People are not following correct rules of proper waste disposal. They throw their waste in what place they want carelessly thinking what will be the effect of that one indisposed properly trash. They aren’t able to give time in finding bins for their garbage.

Instead of keeping or trading excess things to maximize uses, they bought new one for only like not a need.

and will lead to the following:

Lung diseases, heart problems, skin irritation, problem or abnormality in breathing, and more are examples of diseases due to pollution caused by improper waste disposal.

Dangerous wastes if dumped into the environment leeches the ground and the ground water where some communities get their drinking water. In marine environment, improper waste disposal kills aquatic animals due to the excretion of chemicals.

As some waste decomposes, it releases greenhouse gases into the atmosphere – trapping of heat affecting weather condition.

So we make this petition to call the attention of our Mayor and Governor regarding this problem .We want some changes to have clean and safe environment.It would be better if there is enough trashcans in the community and the people have their discipline.


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