Abolishment of Illegal Vendors

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The vendors who do not have permit to take up a place and sell at the underpass, should be removed for the reasons that because the vendors take up the spaces wherein the students and civilians are supposed to take which makes the space crowded and difficult to go through. Moreover, because the area is crowded, there are more cases of crimes like theft and sexual harassment. Lastly, there is minimal and poor ventilation     

To help ease the problem at hand for the walkways and underpass here are possible solution:

Don’t give permits to those who are not in the proper selling areas
It is not right to sell things in the underpass because it use to cross to the other side and the problem there is the congestion especially during rush hour. Another, is the congestion in the  pathway near Liwasang Bonifacio- Park going to SM Manila because the road is blocked near police station.There is congestion near the stalls which we do not if it is legal or illegal to sell there.

Open up the area in Taft Ave in front of Liwasan Bonificacio Park.
This will give an opportunity to add an alternative route to pedestrians to cross to the other side.With this solution the lgu should add a pedestrian lane and adding stoplights in the area thus will help in the traffic situation in front manila city hall

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