Removal and Relocation of Illegal Vendors in Manila City Hall Pedestrian Underpass

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An underpass is a pedestrian tunnel passing under a road or railway that will provide complete separation of pedestrians from motor vehicle traffic. It connect off-road trails across major barriers, like freeways, railways, or highways. The purpose of having an underpass is to have an access to the people from the other side of the road. An example of this is the Manila City Hall to Intramuros underpass. This underpass grants safe passage to the people from Intramuros to Manila City Hall or vise versa supposedly.

After a while, this underpass that supposedly provide a safe passage for the people of Manila become an unsafe place for pedestrians. Aside from being a passage, nowadays, it also serves as a shopping center. The number of vendors increase dramatically, occupying a huge area that supposedly for the pedestrians. The Manila underpass became crowded and narrower because of the increasing number of vendors and stalls. While the vendors and stalls multiply, we are being exposed to multiple hazards, and also this underpass is becoming an imminent threat to our health due to the improper waste management. Meanwhile, other people with undesirable intention could take as an advantage of this weakness and anyone are prone to its risk.

These obstructions were made to lessen those of who are selling and vending of items of locals around Metro Manila but problems assessed were that those of who are being asked to leave the area still claims the said area even though selling were made lawful. Therefore, this possess the inconvenience for people passing around underpasses.

Behind the highlighted distinctions, We continue to fail on making those having no business permits. The intensive use of area space may be able to pave a way to cease the inconvenience due to those occupying greater amount of space. This unsustainable and moving matter will continue to produce inconvenience, rampant solid waste and more vendors to pursue having their stalls acquired inside underpasses. This cases is truly present around the underpass connecting from city hall to Intramuros.

We can experience traffic underground and the continuous number of vendors selling inside the underpass. The population of these vendors are still growing bigger and it has possessed many problems including robbery, The increasing amount of vendor stalls makes this underpass narrower and more crowded, and in effect, the underpass couldn’t serve its purpose completely of being a pedestrian tunnel made for the purpose of passing from one side to the other.

For all of those reasons, we address this petition to Mayor Joseph Ejercito "Erap" Estrada. This petition demand Mayor Estrada to create a city ordinance that would resolve the said dilemma. We hope to hear from you furthermore regarding this matter.

Here is our overall proposal:


  • Give the vendors a relocation site within or near the area
  • Organize vendors by gathering them in a bazaar and earning revenue in the process. Put them in one controlled area so that it can be regulated and can generate more income.


  • Give enough budget to rehabilitate the area and while rehabilitating the area we would like access to crossing the road from city hall to Intramuros.
  • Add different signage (ex. Going to Manila)
  • Provide space on the wall for paid advertisement (for maintenance purpose)


  • 24/7 visible security guards within the area
  • Recorded CCTV 24/7