Change the name of Trump Ave to Immigrant Ave

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jennifer higby
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Many visitors to our city may believe Trump Avenue is named after President Donald J. Trump. As the Olympic City, we should stand for inclusion.

On the day he announced his presidency, Mr. Trump described Mexican immigrants as "bringing drugs. They're bringing crime. They're rapists." When describing immigrants from countries with large populations of people of color, he called them "shithole countries." This makes him a racist.

When Mr. Trump had the opportunity to stop child separation of families seeking refugee status legally at our southern border, he blamed his predecessor instead. And his administration argued in court that it should not be required to provide soap, toothbrushes, and blankets to migrant children within their care. And Francisco Erwin Galicia, a US-born citizen detained and recently released from a center, lost 26 pounds in 23 days. These are human rights violations, making him a war criminal.

We ask you change the name instead to Immigrant Way.