Bike/Pedestrian Lanes in Brightwaters, New York

Bike/Pedestrian Lanes in Brightwaters, New York

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Frank Monteforte started this petition to Mayor John J. Valdini and the Village of Brightwaters Trustees

By signing I give Frank Monteforte the right to be my representative at meetings with representatives of Brightwaters.

I am writing to advocate for: 

  1. Bike/Pedestrian lane on Wohseepee Drive with no change to parking (Students' safety concerns) (Lane 4-5 blocks long)
  2. Bike/Pedestrian lane on Penataquit Drive with no change to parking (Safety concerns) (Lane 4-5 blocks long)
  3. One-Way passage on Wohseepee Drive, similar to Penataquit Drive, but in the opposite direction due to safety concerns and to maintain/increase property values. (4 blocks long)

These changes will allow for a safer commute to and from Gardiner Manor Elementary School for students that are “walkers”. Children from Brightwaters who live between North Windsor Avenue and Pine Drive do not get busing. They must walk or bike to school, using the street or property owner’s front lawns if their parents don’t drive them. This is unsafe for these students who are between the ages of 7 and 10. There is a sidewalk that extends from the school to Ridgeway Boulevard. It does not  continue into and through Brightwaters. 

What has made the problem worse is the unintentional consequence of adding the One-Way at Penataquit Drive, which forces more traffic to Wohseepee Drive. At times just before school starting and school ending Wohseepee Drive, a tertiary street, gets more traffic than Orinoco Drive, a secondary street.

These changes will also allow for safer passage for bikers and walkers on Penataquit Drive and Wohseepee Drive, which are cross streets that connect Manor Lane to North Windsor and continue to Clinton Avenue.  Keep in mind that these days rush hour starts at 3:30 PM and extends to 7:00 PM. This is prime time for children to be out walking and biking the streets after school. They are going to Wohseepee Park, to the Little League fields, to the pizzeria, and just getting around.  

Keep in mind that since Gardiner Manor Elementary’s opening in 1959 the population of Suffolk County has grown some 600% from about 0.25 million to almost 1.5 million (US census data). NY State vehicle registrations have gone from 5 million to almost 11 million (NYS DMV) and motor vehicle registrations in Suffolk County are now 1.3 million (NYS DMV data) up from 0.125 million. An increase of over 1000%.

Keep in mind that many new housing units have been built in this area in the last 20 years feeding the cross traffic on Wohseepee Drive and Penataquit Drive. Keep in mind that between Union Blvd and areas south many new housing units are now being built and many, many more are in development, which will add to the cross traffic. 

Wohseepee Drive and Penataquit Drive are neighborhood streets that are not very wide, but they get a lot of through traffic, especially during the evening rush period. Adding the Bike/Pedestrian lanes and changing Wohseepee Drive to a one-way will make our neighborhood a healthier and safer place to live. We in the Village of Brightwaters have cultivated a culture where residents can walk, jog, and bike our streets. We in the Village of Brightwaters strive for a safe place for our children to be active and safe. These changes will continue to foster this culture and continue to make our neighborhood more park-like and less freeway-like. This in-turn will help maintain or increase property values.

These proposals will have no impact to parking, because no restrictions are being proposed.

These proposals will maintain/increase property values, because they will reduce cross traffic from Manor Lane to North Windsor Lane to Clinton Blvd if the one-way is adopted on Wohseepee Drive.

These proposals will make streets safer for kids and drivers  by increasing the distance between kids and cars. Giving kids a place to walk and bike, will make them more predictable and less likely to be involved in an accident.

These proposals will cost very little in comparison to building sidewalks.

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