Justice for Sean Reed!

Justice for Sean Reed!

May 7, 2020
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Why this petition matters

Started by Wayne Hubbard

Yesterday, excessive use of violence ended the life of a unarmed man by the name of Sean Reed.

We, the residents of Indiana, are tired of the lack of discipline not only shown by, but given by and to our officers in these predicaments. 

I, and all who sign this agree that those officers should be charged with murder, because it fits the definition of the word.

A man running from you is not a threat to your life,  which is the only reason that a firearm should be drawn.

This cannot be allowed to continue, the more senseless deaths caused by police officers on our african american brothers and sisters, the less we can trust any of you.

They had no reason to pull their firearm, let alone the fact that they shot this young man several times!

We will not stand for this anymore!

And quite frankly neither should anyone with a badge or a public servant's desk.

We impatiently wait for your response to our demands.

More than Sincerely,

Indiana Residents,


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Signatures: 757,936Next Goal: 1,000,000
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