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OK... Here's What's Wrong With The Red Line

Oct 27, 2016 — First, taxpayers will receive virtually NOTHING for their additional tax dollars. In fact, city-wide bus coverage will likely be reduced. Further, IndyGo has not secured the $390 million required to build their Regional Transit Plan (Red, Blue, or Purple line). In fact, they have not provided any clear construction plans, routes, or operating budgets pertaining to the Blue and Purple lines.

Second and despite IndyGo's efforts to do so, you cannot separate the Red Line from the November 8th referendum — the Red Line is part of the referendum language as follows “...implement THREE new rapid transit lines” which are the Red, Blue & Purple lines. Please note, that IndyGo still needs $6 million of the referendum funds to run the Red Line alone (despite what they are telling voters).

Third, taxpayers are already paying $44 million annually to subsidize IndyGo from their property ($34M) and state ($10M) taxes. Since state contributions will be declining in the future, it will shift more burden on to the taxpayers who will make up the difference. The November 8th referendum will add $56 million more annually to the annual taxpayer burden — a 127% tax increase and there is no practical service benefit to the taxpayers. Also note that when IndyGo runs short of operating funds in the future, they continue to have 3 sources to tap into: 1. increase your property taxes (to fund their annual operations), 2. increase rider fares (which will disproportionately hurt the poor), or 3. take on more bond debt which will obligate the taxpayers to repayment (with interest). Since the City has already sold or leased ALL of OUR public assets (e.g. utilities, airport, parking) to private companies, additional transit debt will certainly result in fewer tax dollars for schools, parks, roads, infrastructure, police and fire services.

In the final analysis, the City treats IndyGo like the Federal government treated Lehman Brothers (e.g. too big to fail). For years, the City has been pouring taxpayer dollars into a broken, inefficient, and potentially corrupt public corporation that would likely be declared bankrupt if it were a private corporation. In addition, IndyGo (and most public officials) believes that taxpayer dollars are somehow different from ordinary dollars and can be used like monopoly money. Moreover, they treat those taxpayer dollars as though they belong to the City government and not the commonwealth. As long as they can keep tricking taxpayers into believing this, things will get worse.

Let's face facts friends. IndyGo currently funds only 17% of its annual operating cost from rider fares. 83% of its annual operating costs are already paid for by taxpayers who overwhelmingly do not ride the bus. On November 8th, IndyGo will ask taxpayers to triple the size of their inefficient bureaucracy and they're trying to make taxpayers believe it will benefit the poor. Let's recognize that the Indianapolis taxpayers ARE the poor and IndyGo are the ONLY ones benefitting from this scheme.

Don't believe the IndyGo/Midtown propaganda. Vote "NO" on November 8th. Please share this information with your friends.

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